Licensing Procedures & Exam




Study Materials:

Insurance Examination-Pearson VUE:
Pearson VUE is the Division’s Testing Vendor- Test appointments may be made up to one calendar day prior to the day you wish to test, subject to availability. Pearson VUE offers the following scheduling options.

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Downloads: Candidate Handbook
The Candidate Handbook is the most comprehensive resource for prospective licensees. Content Outlines

Yes Responses:
If you have answered 'Yes' to background question number 1. Documentation for background questions can be submitted via the NIPR Attachment Warehouse.

You must provide the following: a) a written statement explaining the circumstances of each incident, b) a copy of the charging document, and c) a copy of the official document which demonstrates the resolution of the charges or any final judgment.

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Designations & Affiliations:
A producer of insurance representing an agency must be affiliated prior to selling, soliciting, or negotiating insurance on the agency's behalf. CREATE an individual association here.

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Child Support Arrearage:
Applicants for a license or renewal who indicate in their application that they have a child support obligation must provide the following: a) Indicate how many months are they in arrearage? b) Are they currently subject to and in compliance with any repayment agreement? c) Are they the subject of a child support related subpoena/warrant? (If the applicant answers yes, they must provide documentation showing proof of current payments or an approved repayment plan from the appropriate state child support agency.)

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Attachment Warehouse:
If an applicant has responded ‘yes’ to one or more of the background screening questions in his/her/it’s application for a license in this state it is the applicant’s responsibility to provide the appropriate supporting documentation for any yes response to the license application screening questions. As a convenience, the Background Questions Supporting Documentation (BQSD) and Reporting of Actions (ROA) may be uploaded in the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR). The Division will be notified by the PDB when the applicant/licensee adds a new document file or any background questions with a yes response. A document file only needs to be identified once to a specific application type and background question number.

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