Pre-Licensing Education Requirements for Producers

As required by NRS 683A and NAC 683A, candidates must satisfactorily complete an approved course of education in the fields of insurance for which they apply before they may be licensed. Candidates must satisfactorily complete twenty (20) hours of education per line of authority.

Persons with at least ten (10) years employment with an insurer in underwriting or adjusting claims or a person who has been licensed for ten (10) out of the last fifteen (15) years may be eligible for an exemption.

An applicant for licensing in this state who was previously licensed for the same lines of authority in another state need not complete any education or examination if the application is received within ninety (90) days after the cancellation of his license. The applicant may provide an original Letter of Clearance from the previous resident state to document the cancellation date.

View the list of Nevada Approved Prelicensing Education Sponsors or Look up PE Providers and course offerings via SIRCON:

  • Select Lookup Education Courses/Credits
  • Select Approved Courses Inquiry
  • Please select a State: Required. From the dropdown menu, select the state in which you want to find approved courses.
  • Education Type: Required. From the dropdown menu, select Pre-Licensing Education.
  • Instruction Method: If desired, select an option from the dropdown menu to limit the search to courses using a particular presentation method (e.g., Classroom, Self-Study, etc.). If you do not select a particular presentation method, the inquiry will report courses presented by all available methods.
  • Course Category: If desired, click to checkmark one or multiple course categories based on the license types available in the selected state. If you do not checkmark any course categories, the inquiry will report courses in all course categories.