Bail Continuing Education

As required by NRS 697 each general agent, bail agent, bail enforcement agent or bail solicitor must complete a three (3) hour program of continuing education specifically related to the bail industry.
Look up CE Providers and course offerings via SIRCON:

  • Select Lookup Education Courses/Credits
  • Select Approved Courses Inquiry
  • Please select a State: Required. From the dropdown menu, select the state in which you want to find approved courses.
  • Education Type: Required. From the dropdown menu, select Continuing Education.
  • Instruction Method: If desired, select an option from the dropdown menu to limit the search to courses using a particular presentation method (e.g., Classroom, Self-Study, etc.). If you do not select a particular presentation method, the inquiry will report courses presented by all available methods.
  • Course Category: If desired, click to checkmark one or multiple course categories based on the license types available in the selected state. If you do not checkmark any course categories, the inquiry will report courses in all course categories.
  • Course Hours: To limit the search to only courses worth a certain number of credit hours, enter a numeric value. If you do not enter a value, the inquiry will report courses worth any number of credit hours. Select 8 hours to capture all course hour increments available.



For further information please contact the Division’s Producer Licensing Section in Carson City at (775)687-0700, option 1, in Las Vegas at (702)486-4595 or anywhere in Nevada toll free at (800)992-0900.

Title 57 of the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) governs the business of insurance. Nevada’s laws and regulations are available online.