Commissioner's Advisory Committee on Health Care and Insurance

The Nevada Division of Insurance (“Division”) established the Commissioner’s Advisory Committee on Health Care and Insurance (“Committee”) in the mid-1990’s. Chapter 679B.160 of the Nevada Revised Statutes (“NRS”) allows the Commissioner to create advisory councils and committees to assist the Commissioner in dealing with regulatory problems.

The Committee is comprised of individuals representing life or health insurance companies, health care provider organizations and consumer representatives. The Committee typically meets once each quarter and members serve for a term of two years.  Meetings are public and agendas are noticed on the Division website. 

Committee members and meeting attendees have the opportunity to provide information and feedback to the Commissioner and staff on proposed legislation, regulations, bulletins and other material relating to the life and health industry.    

September 21, 2017


Item #5A - Stop-Loss Subcommittee Report - Jim Wahams

Item #5B - "Small Group Level Funded Market in other States" - Dan Meylan

Item #7 - Results of the Survey Conducted by Turning Point, Inc. - Richelle O'Driscoll

June 15, 2017 Meeting


April 20, 2017 Meeting 

Item #4 - 1. Comparison of Stop-Loss Laws 
Item #4 - 2. Stop-Loss Regulation Draft Amendment 
Item #4 - 3. NV Stop-Loss Disclosure Form - Draft 
Item #5 - 1. Fiduciary Rule / Suitability  
Item #5 - 2. Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation 
Item #8 - 1. 2018 Nevada Filing Guidance 

January 18, 2017 Meeting