P&C Advisory Committee 

The Nevada Division of Insurance (“Division”) established the Commissioner’s Advisory Committee on Property and Casualty Insurance (“Committee”) in the mid-1990’s. Chapter 679B.160 of the Nevada Revised Statutes (“NRS”) allows the Commissioner to create advisory councils and committees to assist the Commissioner in discussing regulatory problems or other matters.

The Commissioner’s Property and Casualty Advisory Committee is comprised of individuals representing Property and Casualty insurance companies, Property and Casualty Trade Groups, and consumer representatives. In addition, there are several interested parties who routinely participate in the committee meetings. These stakeholders include P&C insurance industry representatives, trade group representative, sister regulatory agencies (such as Department of Motor Vehicles, Division of Industrial Relations, Department of Public Safety, State Forester etc.), third-party vendors (whose data and/or mathematical models are utilized by the P&C insurance industry), consumer advocates, etc.

Committee members and meeting attendees have the opportunity to provide information and feedback to the Commissioner and staff on proposed legislation, regulations, bulletins and other material relating to the Property and Casualty industry and participate in a collaborative manner on a variety of P&C topics.   

06/07/2018 - Commissioner's Property and Casualty Advisory Committee Agenda 

01/30/2018 - Commissioner's Property and Casualty Advisory Committee Agenda

08/29/2017 - Commissioner's Property and Casualty Advisory Committee Agenda