Producer News Flash Regarding Division of Insurance Health Insurance Rate Website

December 16, 2013

In an effort to help consumers, producers and brokers navigate the health insurance market, the Nevada Division of Insurance has made all individual and small group approved rates and plan documents, both on and off the Exchange, available on its website http://doi.nv.gov.

The Division encourages producers and brokers to utilize the resources available on the Division’s website as they advise Nevada consumer’s in their insurance purchasing decisions.

To find this plan and rate information visit http://doi.nv.gov, click on “Health Insurance Rates” in the main navigation, from the “Health Insurance Rate Review” page click on “Approved 2014 Health Insurance Rates.” Rates may also be accessed directly at http://healthrates.doi.nv.gov.

For the individual market, non-smoker rates are displayed by age and county.  The plans displayed may or may not include pediatric dental benefits.

For the small group market, rates are displayed by the average age of all group members and in which county the principle business is located. The plans displayed may or may not include pediatric dental benefits.

Once individual or small group is selected and the age and county values are filled, users are able to search for plans based on whether or not they are on the Exchange, as well as by metal tier. Search results are displayed and then sortable by plan name, carrier name, metal tier, whether it’s on or off the Exchange and price.

Clicking on a plan name will take the user to the plan’s details, which includes rates, schedule of benefits, evidence of coverage and links to the plan’s provider network and drug formulary.

From the search results page users may also download the search results as a PDF, or email the results as a PDF to any email address they choose.

Another valuable resource for producers, brokers and consumers is the “Nevada Employer’s Guide to the Affordable Care Act.” This guide is available for download in English and Spanish and can be found at http://doi.nv.gov/Healthcare-Reform/.

The Division recognizes the important role producers and brokers play in Nevada’s health insurance marketplace. The Division hopes that these resources prove beneficial to all as Nevada continues to navigate the changes that the Affordable Care Act has brought to the health insurance market.

As a final reminder, in an effort to increase efficiency and cost savings the Division will discontinue mailing licenses effective January 1, 2014.   It is important that all producers update their address and email information to ensure prompt receipt of future notices from the Division which may include email notifications for license renewals.  To update your contact information visit the Division’s Producer Licensing Portal at www.sircon.com/nevada or NIPR’s Address Change Request at https://pdb.nipr.com/html/acrWelcome.html.

For questions regarding licensing issues, contact the Producer Licensing Section at http://doi.nv.gov or 775-687-0700, option 2.

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