General Instructions

For Annual Renewal, Annual Fund for Insurance Administration and Enforcement assessments, Certificates of Authority, Eligibility, Registration, License,
Approval or Letter of Intent

The Nevada Division of Insurance continues to maintain instructions for the annual renewal of insurer Certificates of Authority on its Web site. If you have questions, please contact Lin Riippi at lriippi@doi.state.nv.us.

Annual Renewal Fees and Fund for Insurance Administration and Enforcement Fees (A&E) are based upon the type of organization. Companies, including Medical Discount Plans, will receive one invoice with all fees listed, due by March 1. Exception: Service Contract Providers will receive an A&E invoice due March 1 and a renewal invoice due on or before their renewal date.

Please review the section for Required Industry Reports for additional compliance reports due at various times throughout the year. Mail these reports to the appropriate Divisionsection(s). See Life & Health Section or Property & Casualty Section.

If you wish to make changes to your Certificate of Authority, etc, you will need to apply for an Amended Certificate.

The Annual Statement Checklist is divided into two categories: Nevada Domestic Insurers and Foreign Insurers. Nevada Domestic Insurers must file their annual statement with the Nevada Division of Insurance and electronically with the NAIC. Foreign Insurers must file their annual statement according to their domiciliary state requirements and electronically with the NAIC. Nevada requires only the signed and notarized jurat page of the Foreign Insurer’s filed statement if the hard copy is filed with the state of domicile and if the data is filed electronically with the NAIC. The 2014 checklist is available on the Division’s web site.

Please review individual checklists for detailed instructions.

A Change of Address Form is required if your statutory or mailing address has changed. Please verify the accuracy of all information on your annual statement with particular attention given to contact names, addresses, phone numbers and email address. The form may be accessed under the “Forms” heading.

Please note: This information is furnished as a reference and as a reminder; however, it may not be all inclusive and is not to be substituted for compliance with laws, regulations, and bulletins.