Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update contact information for the TPA?

Please complete the Contact Information Form and return to the Division via email or mail.

How would a TPA request an extension for the annual report?

An extension request must be in writing, provide a reason for the request, specify a date by which the report will be submitted and must be granted before the due date.  The request may be an email, an email attachment or a letter.

When can a TPA request an extension for the annual report?

An extension request may be submitted after the close of the TPA’s fiscal year.

What is a bond verification certificate?

A bond verification certificate is essentially a form letter signed by a surety that lists the surety name, bond number, amount, principal and obligee, and current period of coverage. It is not a copy of the bond or a copy of an invoice.

Is it necessary to submit a new parental guaranty each year with the annual report?

The language of the parental guaranty states the guaranty is continuous, so it is not necessary to complete a new form each year.

Can an initial application or renewal application for a TPA be submitted through NIPR?

At this time, applications and renewals for TPAs may not be submitted through NIPR. Renewals may be submitted through www.sircon.com

Is a countersignature required on a bond?

Pursuant to Bulletin 08-011, "all insurance policies covering Nevada risks must still be countersigned by a duly licensed and appointed Nevada producer; but, both Nevada licensed and appointed resident and nonresident producers may countersign the policy.” If the power of attorney and countersigning agent are the same person, both lines must still be signed on the original bond. Countersignatures are not required on riders that alter the original bond.

Can I obtain a list of insurers who write workers’ compensation in Nevada?

List of Workers' Compensation insurers. Please note that the list generated by the look-up tool includes all insurers licensed to write workers’ compensation in Nevada; inclusion on the list does not mean that the insurer is currently writing workers’ comp policies. The list is updated daily.

Can I obtain a list of TPAs who administer workers’ compensation in Nevada?

TPAs must hold specific qualifications in order to administer various types of insurance. A TPA3-SF Employer/WC qualification allows a TPA to administer claims for a self-insured employer. A TPA4-Workers Compensation qualification allows a TPA to administer policies on behalf of an insurer. Use the TPA - Workers' Comp Qualifications lookup tool to select the type of workers’ compensation and generate a list of TPAs.

Can I look up whether a TPA is licensed to do business in Nevada?

Use the Agency field at to verify a license.