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Use this search tool to see requested rate changes for ACA compliant plans in the individual and small group market.

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Note regarding 2018 Rate Filings:

The Nevada Division of Insurance is currently in the process of reviewing proposed 2018 rate submissions for the individual and small group markets for calendar year 2018. In order to allow insurers to include early 2017 claim data in their 2018 rate calculations we have an abbreviated rate review window.

The Division is aware that not only our own analysis and review is compacted into a much more narrow time window, but also the public’s ability to review the filing material is concentrated into just a few weeks as well. The Nevada Division of Insurance relies on three primary sources in our review of these proposed rates: 1) Our experienced staff; 2) Actuarial consulting companies; and, 3) Public comments on proposed rates. We encourage all concerned consumers and interested parties to review the documents that we make public with each rate filing. After that review, please share your thoughts with the Division via our comments section.

We have prepared a summary of the 2018 individual rate filings as a snapshot of the proposed changes. This summary also reflects the number of plans available by rating area and metallic level.