The primary duty of the Legal Section is to assist the Commissioner in enforcing the provisions of the Insurance Code (Title 57) through the administrative investigation and adjudication process. This is accomplished by the Division’s investigators, attorneys and legal support staff.

The Division’s attorneys review the results of company examinations, confidential investigations and other requests for enforcement in order to prosecute violations of the Insurance Code. The attorneys also act as hearing officers for matters such as hearings of contested matters, mergers, administrative regulation workshops and hearings, and informal meetings with troubled self-insured employers. Providing legal advice, review and support to the Commissioner and other Sections of the Division, as well as drafting legal opinions, proposed legislation and regulations are also critical functions of the Division’s attorneys.

The Division’s investigators are responsible for confidential fact gathering and analysis initiated by requests for enforcement submitted by other Sections of the Division or as a result of complaints. The investigators are responsible for developing credible evidence and are key testifying witnesses for the Division during administrative prosecutions of violations of the Insurance Code.

The Commissioner’s Legal staff consists of one Chief Insurance Counsel and two staff Insurance Counsels located in Carson City, one staff Insurance Council in Las Vegas, plus two Investigators located in Carson City. The attorneys and investigators are supported by one Chief Legal Secretary and three staff Legal Secretaries located in Carson City and one in Las Vegas. The Commissioner is also assigned one Senior Deputy Attorney General and one Deputy Attorney General. The attorneys assigned from the Office of the Attorney General are primarily responsible for addressing legal matters that rise beyond the administrative level to the civil court level, including arguments before the Supreme Court of Nevada. The attorneys assigned from the Office of the Attorney General also draft Attorney General Opinions relevant to the Insurance Code as required.