Essential Health Benefits

Selection of 2017 EHB Benchmark Plan

All non-grandfathered health benefit plans in the individual and small group markets (whether on the Nevada HealthLink or off-exchange) must cover all Essential Health Benefits (EHB) in compliance with the Affordable Care Act.  In December 2012 after numerous meetings with interested Nevada consumers, the Nevada Commissioner of Insurance, Scott J. Kipper selected a small group plan from the Health Plan of Nevada as the 2014-2016 EHB Benchmark Plan for the State.

This year the Commissioner must now select a plan to be used as the EHB Benchmark for plans available in the year 2017.  This selection process will be similar with the one utilized in 2012.  The Division of Insurance will post the 10 possible plans from which the selection will be made for public review (see below) along with the Schedule of Benefits for those plans.  We welcome comments regarding these plans prior to the July 1, 2015 selection date.  To simplify a comparison of those plans we have also included a summary PowerPoint presentation and a table that lists the benefits with each plan’s coverage.

Please submit comments on the possible selection or the selection process to the Division’s Public Information Officer, Yeraldin Deavila at ydeavila@doi.nv.gov .

Small Group Plans:

State Employee Plans:

Largest HMO Plan:

Federal Employee Plans:

Table comparing 52 separate benefits on each of the above 10 plans:  Plan Comparison 

PowerPoint presentation on EHB Benchmark Plan selection process. EHB Presentation 

Current EHB Benchmark Plan


All current non-grandfathered health benefit plans in Nevada’s individual and small group markets are based on the medical coverages provided by the existing EHB Benchmark Plan from the Health Plan of Nevada.  The summary of those benefits is available at:

Nevada EHB Benchmark Plan  

The dental benefits associated with the current EHB Benchmark Plan are similarly available for review at:

Nevada Dental Check Up

These current benefits will remain the EHB Benchmark Plan until December 31, 2016.