Essential Health Benefits

After receipt of public input the Division has now confirmed our selection of Health Plan of Nevada‚Äôs HPN Solutions HMO Platinum small group plan as the 2017 EHB Benchmark plan for Nevada.  The federal authorities were properly notified of the selection in late June 2015 as required.   

The details of that plan are displayed below with the Schedule of Benefits and the Evidence of Coverage available in the links provided.   

HHS Approved 2017 - 2019 NV EHB Benchmark Plan  
Schedule of Benefits 
Evidence of Coverage 
Summary of Benefits with Drug Category Count 

 2014 - 2016 NV EHB Benchmark Plan

All non-grandfathered health benefit plans in the individual and small group markets (whether on the Nevada HealthLink or off-exchange) must cover all Essential Health Benefits (EHB) in compliance with the Affordable Care Act.In December 2012 after numerous meetings with interested Nevada consumers, the Nevada Commissioner of Insurance, Scott J. Kipper selected a small group plan from the Health Plan of Nevada as the 2014-2016 EHB Benchmark Plan for the State.The summary of those benefits is available at:  Nevada EHB Benchmark Plan   

The dental benefits associated with the current EHB Benchmark Plan are similarly available for review at: Nevada Dental Check Up.  These current benefits will remain the EHB Benchmark Plan until December 31, 2019.