2019 Small Employer Market

As a Nevada small employer with 1-50 full-time equivalent employees, you can purchase major medical coverage for your employees from one of twelve insurance companies selling small employer plans in Nevada.  These small employer plans are required to cover all essential health benefits and must satisfy stringent requirements for rates, provider networks and drug formularies.  The Division of Insurance annually reviews each offering in the Nevada market to ensure compliance with those requirements. Current year plans are displayed on the Division website at http://healthrates.doi.nv.gov/Wizard.aspx . On October 2nd each year we include the upcoming year plans for your future decision making.  

Approved small group filings and market distribution:

2019 SG Market Image
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Access to Nevada SERFF filings:

The Nevada Division of Insurance and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners have combined to provide public access to non-proprietary elements of Nevada's Rate, Form/Rate, Form, and ACA Binder filings.  Accessing this information is a simple process for the regular user of this service.  The Division of Insurance, upon completing our review of a filing, will authorize public access to the following items (if included) in each type of submission:

Nevada Rate Filing-

    Rate Data Template
    Redacted Actuarial Memorandum
    Consumer Justification of Rate Change
    Disposition by the Division
    Rate Review Detail

Nevada Form Filing-

    Approved forms including Schedule of Benefits and Evidence of Coverage
    Disposition by the Division


Nevada ACA Binder Filing-

    Prescription Drug Template
    Essential Community Providers / Network Adequacy Template

Nevada Form / Rate Filings-

    See list for Form filing
    See list for Rate filing

For interested brokers, employers or consumers who know the SERFF filing number, the process of reaching each filing is as follows:

1.  Follow this link to our SERFF Filing Access page
2.  Click the plum colored "Begin Search" button
3.  Click the "Accept" button below the legalese
4.  Paste the desired SERFF filing number into the space titled "SERFF Tracking Number"

For more general searches yielding a desired parameter of results follow the first three steps above and then limit or expand the search as applicable to the appropriate Search Options.  

In the table at the top of the page we have listed the SERFF tracking numbers for each of the rate and form filings in the small employer market of Nevada for 2019.  Opening the larger version of the above table allows you to simply click on any of the filing numbers to be transferred directly to our SERFF Filing Access page for your convenience.

Association Health Plans

Some small employers now have a new option under a federal rule released in June 2018 that may allow a business the opportunity to purchase large employer plans approved by the Division.  This rule permits small employers to join together on an Association Health Plan or AHP and be treated as a large employer.  AHP plans, as with all other large group plans, are subject to fewer state and federal requirements.  Large employer plans are not required to cover the essential health benefits and they do not undergo the Division’s scrutiny regarding the regulation of rates, provider networks or drug formularies.

This federal rule allows fully-insured AHPs to be effective beginning September 1, 2018.  Information on fully-insured AHPs that have been submitted to the Division and the US Department of Labor are displayed below:

Association Health Plans in Nevada

KG Enterprise, Inc. dba BNI Northern Nevada Health Plan

Submission Date: March 11, 2019
Effective Date: April 1, 2019
Service Area: PPO plans available statewide
                     HMO plans available in Washoe, Carson, Douglas, Lyon, and Storey counties
Carrier(s): Hometown Health Plan, Inc.
                 Hometown Health Providers Insurance Company
Summary Letter from Carrier
M-1 Form   

2018 Association Health Plans Archive