Education Providers


This page is currently under construction. For any questions please contact the Division's Producer Licensing section at (775) 687-0700, option 2.  

Apply to be a PE or CE Provider in Nevada: Send an email to the Division and request the required PE/CE Provider Application. CE Providers may utilize the NAIC Reciprocity Filings for online course submissions. 

Adding PE or CE course submissions after provider approval:
PE & CE Providers MUST upload course submissions and supporting documentation into Sircon. To be considered for approval the content of a course must be intended to increase the licensee's knowledge and understanding of insurance principles and coverage; applicable laws; rules and regulations; recent changes in coverages; and the duties, ethics and responsibilities of the licensee. The successful completion of the course must be verifiable to the satisfaction of the Division. The provider must award an original Certificate of Completion to a licensee who successfully completes the course, keep course records for at least 4 years and make these records available to the Division upon request.
The course upload should include the following information:
(1) Complete description of course including a timed outline
(2) Objectives of course
(3) Names of instructors, what they will be teaching and their qualifications
(4) Promotional material
(5) Method of determining "Successful Completion", if for self-study or correspondence course, procedure for monitoring examination including monitor affidavit
(6) Home state CE Course approval
(7) Copy of the NAIC CE Reciprocity Course Filing
(8) Requested hours of CE must comply with the NAIC word count formula.


Producers may not be PE or CE Providers.