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The Nevada Division of Insurance is the unbiased authority on insurance in Nevada.

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Facts about the Division of Insurance and Nevada’s Insurance Industry

  • The total premium dollar amount of all lines of insurance in Nevada for 2011 was approximately $11.2 billion.
  • In calendar year 2011, premium tax collections for the benefit of the General Fund equaled $235,792,111,
  • In fiscal year 2012, the Division collected $25,279,469 in additional General Fund revenue from assessments, fines, and license and registration fees.
  • There are 2,166 admitted carriers in Nevada. Of these, 184 are domiciled in Nevada, 133 of these companies are Captives.

Consumer Protection

  • During calendar year 2012, the Division of Insurance recovered $3.9 million for consumers in Nevada.
  • For 2012, the Division of Insurance had more than 24,000 consumer contacts, and investigated more than 1,900 consumer complaints during 2012.
  • The authorized Division staff count for FY 2012 is 85 employees, of which 10 are based in Las Vegas.

Market Regulation

  • In 2011 and 2012, the Division participated on 46 financial examinations and 32 market conduct examinations of domestic and foreign insurers. During that same time period, 84 regulatory examinations of “non-traditional” insurers were conducted.
  • During the last biennium 181 desk audits have been completed by the Division and transmitted to insurers for review, of which 123 have been accepted by insurers and transmitted to the Department of Taxation.
  • The Division admitted 106 insurers (including 20 Captives) in 2012.

Licensed Producers

  • 2,363 Resident Firms and 16,049 Resident Individuals.
  • 8,337 Non Resident Firms 91,179 Non Resident Individuals.
  • Total of 10,700 firms and 107,228 individuals (resident and non-resident).
  • The Division received 42,934 new license applications and renewals in fiscal year 2012.

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