The regulation process is fairly simple. Typically either legislation will mandate a regulation or an issue will arise that necessitates one. The Division will draft proposed language, which is sent to the Legislative Counsel Bureau (LCB). They approve or disapprove the concept and language (or suggest changes) and send it back to the Division. The Division will notice and hold a public workshop and a hearing on the regulation. If adopted, it goes to the Commissioner for signature, then back to LCB. The regulation will be re-checked (especially if amended) and then sent on to the Legislative Commission. The regulation will receive a hearing before the legislative Commission and if it is officially adopted it is sent to the Secretary of State, otherwise it is sent back for re-work.

The items below are currently undergoing different stages of this process:

Proposed Regulation of the Commissioner - LCB File No.R049-14 

 Amendment to LCB File No.R049-14

Testimony Regarding LCB File No.R049-14

Notice of Workshop to Solicit Comments - LCB File No.R049-14

 7-15-14 - Order Continuing Hearing and Notice of Second Workshop - LCB File No.R049-14

7-15-14 - Amendment to LCB File No.R049-14  

8-12-14 - Notice of Third Workshop to Solicit Comments - LCB File No.R049-14

Proposed Regulation of the Commissioner - LCB File No.R074-14 

Notice of Workshop to Solicit Comments - LCB File No.R074-14

Notice of Intent to Act Upon Regulation - LCB File No.R074-14

Adopted Regulations of the Commissioner - Not Yet Codified

 Adopted Regulation of the Commissioner - LCB File No.R067-13

Adopted Regulation of the Commissioner - LCB File No. R074-13

Solicitation of Comments

Issue Brief on Network Adequacy and Solicitation of Comments