Association Maintenance

CREATE an individual association (Association Maintenance/DRP); Nevada Revised Statute (“NRS”) 683A.251(2)(b); NRS 683A.365

A producer of insurance representing an agency must be affiliated prior to selling, soliciting, or negotiating insurance on the agency's behalf. 

You may CREATE and later maintain one or more individual associations online utilizing the Division’s Licensing Portal. We have provided the following steps to assist in expediting this process. Be advised, online processing fees apply.

Utilizing the Maintain your firm association tab on the left hand side of the computer screen, you will select CREATE an individual association for your firm.

1) Enter the firm’s EIN or License Number and select Nevada, and then click the search tab.

2) Select “CREATE” to add a new individual association.

3) Add the individual’s SSN and Last Name

4) Add your payment information and receive your confirmation notification advising you that the process is complete.

If you are unable to create the DRP affiliation online, Contact Us, or you may download DOC 327A and send it to the Division with the applicable fees.