Self-Insured Workers' Compensation

The Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Section is responsible for the certification and regulation of self-insured employers and associations of self-insured employers pursuant to Chapters 616B.300 through 616B.446 of the Nevada Revised Statutes, and for ensuring the financial solvency and viability of these entities.

For inquiries regarding the review and approval of workers’ compensation policy rates, language, composition and format, as well as collecting quarterly and annual financial statements from private workers’ comp insurers, please contact the Division’s Property and Casualty Section.

For questions regarding the claims handling process, including the timely delivery of workers’ compensation benefits, please contact the Division of Industrial Relations.

Insured Employer Company List

Association List

Annual Claims Information Report Forms

To report workers’ compensation fraud, please contact the Attorney General’s Workers’ Compensation Fraud Unit.

Shirley Choma
Management Analyst I
Self-Insured Employers A through M
(775) 687-0776

Sherri Abeyta
Management Analyst II
Self-Insured Employers M through Z
(775) 687-0775

Terri Chambers 
Section Chief
(775) 687-0777