Bail Compliance Project

Through consumer complaints and Division of Insurance enforcement investigations, the Division has received numerous complaints and has been made aware of practices by bail agents that do not comply with Nevada’s bail laws.  The Commissioner has instructed the Division to create a bail initiative to help bail licensees comply with Nevada’s bail laws through education, resources, and outreach. 

The Bail Compliance Project kick off was in July 2018.  To provide bail licensees with more information about the Bail Compliance Project, the Division hosted three workshops, which will feature a presentation by the Commissioner, an overview of the Bail Compliance Project, and a free continuing education course. 

This event was a great opportunity for bail licensees to learn about the Division of Insurance and the Bail Compliance Project, and earn continuing education credit.  

Following the workshops,  the Division begun implementing the Bail Compliance Project by visiting all Nevada bail licensees and performing audits to provide feedback as to any practices or acts found to be out of compliance with Nevada law.