Statement from the Division regarding e-Signatures, e-Notaries and e-Transactions. 

Online Service Portals

Company Invoice Service

Use the Company Invoice Service to review invoicing information and to download invoices. For questions related to company invoices please email invoices@doi.nv.gov

Company Address Change Service

Use the Company Address Change Service to update the following address types:

  • Annual Appointment Renewal
  • Annual Renewal/A&E
  • Captive Manager
  • Complaints
  • Examination Billing
  • Financial Statement
  • Mailing
  • Policy Holder Relations
  • Portal PIN Security Admin
  • Fraud Assessment **New**

Changing address types not available through the portal will require submitting a Change of Address Form. For questions related to company address changes please email finances@doi.nv.gov

Financial Filing Submission Portal

Submissions made using this service will automatically update the official filing record for your company maintained at the Nevada Division of Insurance.

The Portal page will provide a list of documents, with due dates, available for online submittal.
Note: The Portal’s Reporting Year identifies the year filings are due to the Division.

Standard Form to Document Consent to Towing

On September 14, 2012, the Commissioner of Insurance adopted by regulation a standard consent form to document the permission of the vehicle owner or the owner’s authorized representative to an insurer’s towing of a motor vehicle in certain circumstances. Insurers are required to obtain and document the consent of the vehicle owner or owner’s authorized representative, prior to the towing of the vehicle, as provided in the new laws pursuant to NRS 706.4481 and NRS 690B.037. Insurers must either use the standard consent form adopted by the Commissioner or file with the Commissioner for approval a form with substantially the same content.