Primary, Expansion and Corporate Amendment Applications

Submit your application electronically through the NAIC's UCAA website if possible; alternatively, you may submit your printed application to the Division's Carson City Office or via email to Finances@doi.nv.gov. 

The UCAA includes three applications:

The Primary Application is for use by newly formed companies seeking a Certificate of Authority in their domicile state and by companies wishing to re-domesticate to a uniform state.

The Expansion Application is for use by companies in good standing in their state of domicile that wish to expand their business into a uniform state.

The Corporate Amendments Application is for use by an existing insurer for requesting amendments to its certificate of authority.

Nevada Division of Insurance Contact: 
Email: Finances@doi.nv.gov

UCAA Application Forms
Application Fees 
Amendment Filing Fees 

Primary Applications

Accredited Reinsurer  
Fraternal Benefit Society  
Health Maintenance Org   
Medical Discount Plan  
Medical Discount Plan Service of Process  
Motor Club  
Non-Profit Medical Service Org  
Organization for Dental Care  
Premium Finance  
Prepaid Limited Health Service Org  
Rate Service Organization  
Reinsurer to Direct Writer  
Risk Purchasing Group  
Risk Purchasing Group Service of Process
Risk Retention Group Service of Process (foreign)
Risk Retention Group (foreign)
Statistical Agent 

Expansion Applications

See NAIC's UCAA website

Corporate Amendment Applications

Acquisition of 2 or More Foreign Insurers
Acquisition or Merger of Domestic  
Add or Delete Line(s) of Business  
Change of Control of Foreign  
Merger of 2 or More Foreign Insurers
Name Change

Company Types and Required Authority

Accredited Reinsurer, Certificate of Approval, NRS 681A, NAC 681A.250, 380
Captive Insurer (see Captive Insurers), Certificate of Authority, NRS 694C, NAC 694C
Fraternal Benefit Society, Certificate of Authority, NRS 695A
Health Maintenance Organization, Certificate of Authority, NRS 695C, NAC 695C
Home Protection Insurer, Certificate of Authority, NRS 690B, NAC 690B, 400, 405
Life / Health Insurer, Certificate of Authority, NRS 688A, 689A, B, C, NAC 688A, B, 689A-C
Medical Discount Plan, Certificate of Registration, NRS 695H, NAC 695H
Motor Club, Certificate of Authority, NRS 696A, NAC 696A
Non-Profit Hospital, Medical & Dental Svc Org, Certificate of Authority, NRS 695B, NAC 695B
Organization for Dental Care, Certificate of Authority, NRS 695D, NAC 695D
Premium Finance, Certificate of Authority, NRS 686A, NAC 686A
Prepaid Limited Health Service Organization, Certificate of Authority, NRS 695F, NAC 695F
Property / Casualty Insurer, Certificate of Authority, NRS 690B, 691A, NAC 690B
Rate Service Organization, Certificate of License, NRS 686B, NAC 686B
Reinsurer, Certificate of Authority, NRS 681A, NAC 681A.250-380
Risk Purchasing Group, Certificate of Approval, NRS 695E
Risk Retention Group (foreign), Certificate of Registration, NRS 695E
Self-Insured Group (see Workers' Comp), Certificate of Authority, NRS 616B, NAC 616B, C
Service Contract Provider (see Property & Casualty), Certificate of Registration, NRS 690C
Statistical Agent, Certificate of License, NRS 692B
Title Insurer, Certificate of Authority, NRS 692A, NAC 692A