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The Consumer Services Section of the Nevada Division of Insurance handles all requests for consumer assistance. We can help you understand your policy and answer any questions you might have regarding claims or companies.

We urge all consumers who are having trouble to first try to resolve any problems with their insurance company or agent. If, however, such attempts are unsuccessful, we invite consumers to submit a formal Complaint, and one of our staff members will be happy to act as a liaison, working with the consumer and their insurance company or agent to try and resolve the problem.

If the issue cannot be resolved with the insurance company, we encourage you to file your complaint online using our customer portal. It's secure and easy.

File Your Complaint Online

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Alternatively, you can print a copy of the complaint form and mail it to the nearest Division of Insurance office.

Examples of Complaints Addressed by the Nevada Division of Insurance

  • Improper denial or delay in settlement of a claim
  • Alleged illegal cancellation or nonrenewal of an insurance policy
  • Problems concerning insurance premiums and rates
  • Alleged misconduct by an agent or broker (misrepresentation, theft of premiums, etc.)
  • Problems related to Bail and Bail Agencies or Agents.
  • Problems relating to medical necessity of a treatment, an experimental or investigational therapy for certain medical conditions, or a claim denial for emergency or urgent medical services.

The Division does not provide legal representation or legal advice. If you are already represented by an attorney, or already have a legal action pending regarding the circumstances of your complaint, the Division may not be able to further pursue your complaint as a Consumer Complaint. Filing a consumer complaint with the Division will not extend any time limitations specified in policy provisions, statutes, or regulations.


When you fill out a complaint form and you initial the "Confidential" box, the Division will keep the records of your consumer complaint confidential from the public, including the insurance company and/or agent or broker whom the complaint is against, in accordance with NRS 679B.190 (5)(b) and (7). Be aware that by marking a complaint confidential the Division cannot forward any documents you provide to the Division, that includes your consumer complaint, which can result in slowing down the consumer complaint process of trying to resolve the issue. 

If your Consumer Complaint involves health-related issues or credit information, please complete the Release For Information Section.  We suggest that you print out the Consumer Complaint form, sign the Release For Information Section and mail it to the Carson City or Las Vegas Division office, whichever is closest to your location.

If you need assistance in completing the form or have questions, you can contact the Division’s Consumer Services Section.

Consumer Complaint Process 

When a Division Consumer Officer receives a Consumer Complaint, the Consumer Officer will:

  • Log the complaint into the Complaint Database;
  • Send an acknowledgement letter to the consumer submitting the Consumer Complaint; and,
  • Send a letter and a complete copy of your Consumer Complaint (IF NOT MARKED AS CONFIDENTIAL) to the insurance company and/or the agent or broker associated with your Consumer Complaint.


The insurance company must reply to the issues addressed in the Consumer Complaint and respond to the Division within 28 calendar days. If you have not heard from a Division Consumer Officer within 30 days from the date on your acknowledgement letter, please feel free to contact the Consumer Officer noted on your acknowledgement letter to inquire about the status of your Consumer Complaint.