Service Contracts/Extended Warranties

What is a Service Contract?

A Service Contract refers to an extended warranty, service agreement, or a maintenance agreement. A Service Contract is a prolonged warranty offered by a warranty administrator, a retailer, or a manufacturer. A Service Contract is not an insurance policy. However, Service Contracts/Extended Warranties are regulated by the Division of Insurance.

Service Contracts are usually offered by a vendor at the point of sale of a product, and are typically of interest to a consumer when the purchase is expensive and there is financial risk if the product fails and needs to be repaired or replaced. 

Consumer Look-up Tool

It is important that you read and understand the terms and conditions included in a Service Contract. The Division offers a “Service Contracts Look-up Tool” which contains a listing of licensed Service Contract Providers and each Service Contract that is approved for use in the State of Nevada.


Using this tool, you can: 

VERIFY if a Service Contract Provider is licensed. Enter the name under “Provider” and go.  The search results will only contain Providers that are “active” and licensed to sell Service Contracts. 

READ and understand the approved contract(s) by a specific Provider - prior to purchase. Select the “Provider” name to see a listing of the currently approved contracts. 

COMPARE the contracts offered by different Providers. Select the “Contract Type” and go. 

If you have purchased a Service Contract underwritten by a non-listed/unlicensed Provider, please contact the Division of Insurance at cscc@doi.nv.gov.

The Division of Insurance does not endorse any specific Service Contract Provider.