MAY 24, 2012 - Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

CARSON CITY – May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and the Nevada Division of Insurance is reminding riders that their motorcycle insurance is an important way to stay protected.

With 76 percent of motorcycle accidents in Nevada resulting in injury, it’s important to review your insurance and make sure it provides the protection you need and want.

In Nevada, motorcycle riders are required by law to have the same liability insurance that is required for autos. This required insurance takes effect only if you are liable for an accident. It pays for injuries to others or damages to their property. It does not pay for your injuries or damage to your motorcycle.

“Motorcycle riders know the importance of helmets and safety gear when riding. Most wouldn’t dream of riding without a helmet, the same should be true about insurance,” said Insurance Commission Scott J. Kipper. “If you get hurt on your motorcycle you’ll want insurance coverage that you can count on protecting you.”

The best way to do this is to consider buying coverage for uninsured/underinsured motorists and medical payments.

Uninsured motorist coverage pays for your medical costs if an uninsured driver is at fault for an accident. Underinsured motorist coverage pays when an at-fault driver doesn’t have enough insurance to fully pay for your loss. Both will also protect your passenger.

This coverage is limited to the amount of liability coverage you buy. Keep this in mind when purchasing insurance. Saving money with low liability limits today could cost you more in the long run.

Medical payment coverage is often called “MedPay.” It pays for treating injuries to you and your passenger without regard to fault. This is the only way to have coverage for medical costs that result from an accident involving just you.

Riders should also take an approved motorcycle safety course. Many insurance companies offer a discount for riders that do so. It may help you save money on your insurance, but most importantly it will teach you how to stay safe on the road.