JULY 7, 2016 - Division of Insurance launches digital campaign to encourage consumers to be more involved in the health insurance rate review process

Contact: Yeraldin Deavila, Public Information Officer
Phone: (775) 687-0772
E-mail: ydeavila@doi.nv.gov


The Nevada Division of Insurance launches digital campaign to encourage consumers to be more involved in the health insurance rate review process


CARSON CITY, NV- The Nevada Division of Insurance is pleased to announce the launch of its “Proposed Rates” digital campaign  encouraging Nevadans to review and comment on the proposed health insurance rates for  2017.

The campaign launched statewide and it features online, social media and text ads. The goal of the campaign is to encourage Nevada’s consumers to visit the Division’s online rate comparison tool at http://healthrates.doi.nv.gov where the proposed rates for plans in the individual and small group markets are accessible.

“This is an opportunity for consumers to view the rates that are being proposed before they are approved.  We are encouraging consumers to use the tool to provide comments on the proposed rates.  Consumer feedback is invaluable and the Division always welcomes any instructional commentary from consumers,” said Insurance Commissioner Barbara Richardson.

Based on the rate submissions the Division has received for the 2017 plans, there will be 11 insurance companies with a total of 170 individual health plans available on and off the Exchange. Of those, four insurance companies with 50 plans are available on the Exchange.  The average proposed rate change for the individual market is an increase of 14.99%

For the small group market, 14 insurance companies submitted 2017 rate filings representing 396 health plans. The average proposed rate change for the small group market is an increase of 3.65%

There are two different ways consumers can view the proposed rate filings. By visiting http://healthrates.doi.nv.gov one can view initial proposed 2017 premiums for specific plans or a consumer can visit http://doi.nv.gov/rate-filings to view the requested overall rate percentage changes insurance companies have submitted to the Division. After selecting to view a specific plan at http://healthrates.doi.nv.gov, everyone is encouraged to submit comments on the bottom of the webpage, with the option of anonymity.

About the Nevada Division of Insurance

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