NOVEMBER 10, 2016 - Nevada Health CO-OP Placed in Liquidation, Claims Filing Deadline & Procedures Established by Court

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE– November 10, 2016

Nevada Health CO-OP Placed in Liquidation, Claims Filing Deadline & Procedures Established by Court

CARSON CITY, NV –  On September 20, 2016, Nevada Health CO-OP (“NHC”) was declared insolvent and ordered into liquidation receivership by the Eighth Judicial District Court in Clark County (the “Court”) after it was shown that there is no reasonable probability that NHC’s hazardous financial condition will improve for NHC to resume operations or meet its obligations.  NHC had previously been ordered into permanent receivership by the Court on October 14, 2015, following a determination that it was in a hazardous financial condition.  All Court documents referenced in this release can be found at www.nevadahealthcoop.org/receivership-documents.

Commissioner Barbara D. Richardson, in her official capacity as Permanent Receiver of NHC, had on July 21, 2016, filed a motion in the Court to place NHC into liquidation, establish claim procedures, and require a claims filing deadline for all interested parties to file claims and appeals against NHC.  The Court has entered an order that has now approved the relief requested in the Receiver’s motion to the Court.

Under the Court’s order, claims against NHC (except for claims of doctors, hospitals, or medical service providers) must be made by submitting a Proof of Claim (“POC”) form and supporting documentation, and these claims must be received by the liquidator on or before the claims filing deadline of April 28, 2017 (if sent by means other than U.S. Mail), or received by May 3, 2017 (if the claim is sent by U.S. Mail).  Claims received after the above-mentioned deadlines will be considered late-filed claims and ineligible for payment by NHC.  The POC form and instructions for submitting claims are available at www.nevadahealthcoop.org.

Please contact NHC’s customer service center at 1-855-606-2667 if you have questions or need assistance completing the POC form.  Copies of any document available on NHC’s web site, including POC documents, may also be obtained by calling the above telephone number or e-mailing POC@Nevadahealthcoop.org.   

POCs may be mailed to:  Nevada Health CO-OP; ATTN:  Special Deputy Receiver; 840 S. Rancho Drive #4-321; Las Vegas, Nevada 89106.  Claimants may also submit POCs by e-mail to POC@nevadahealthcoop.org, as long as the e-mail attachments include an executed and sworn (i.e., signed and notarized) POC form and supporting documentation.  You may contact NHC by telephone (1-855-606-2667), or e-mail (POC@NevadaHealthCoop.org) to verify that your claims are timely submitted.

Providers (i.e., physicians, hospitals, and other medical service providers) are exempt from using the POC form for existing claims that were already filed with NHC, or any new claims that they may file.  New provider claims should be submitted to NHC in the same method and form as before the Court’s recent order.  Providers should not duplicate and re-file claims that were already sent to NHC, unless the re-filing corrects errors.  All new or corrected provider claims must be received by the earlier of the following dates:  (1) within twelve months of the original medical service date, or (2) the above-mentioned claims filing deadlines ordered by the Court.

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