Service Contracts

Among the many entities regulated by the Division of Insurance are service contract providers. The Service Contract Provider Application must include a $1,000 registration fee and an initial $1,300 "Fund for Insurance Administration and Enforcement" assessment. Thereafter, an annual $1,000 renewal fee and "Fund for Insurance Administration and Enforcement" assessment of $1,300 is due each year on the provider's anniversary.

Additionally, providers must submit all service contracts for approval with a $25 filing fee for each service contract submitted. All service contract forms must be submitted using the System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing (SERFF), and the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) function within SERFF when submitting the filing fee. Filing instructions are available within SERFF.

Please note that Nevada Assembly Bill 83 (sections 121 through 129) made some changes to the requirements for service contract providers in Chapter 690C of NRS. Among these is a requirement that a contractual liability policy covering the obligations of a service contract provider may not be terminated by the insurer until a notice of termination is sent to the Commissioner at least 60 days prior to the termination of the policy.

Service Contracts Resources

Bulletin 17-002: Certificate of Registration for Service Contract Providers

Bulletin 08-010: Compliance with Regulation Concerning Emergency Repairs Under A Service Contract

Change of Address Form for Service Contract Providers

Service Contract Provider Application 

Service Contract Provider Application Renewal (Sample Only). This form is mailed by the Division to service contract providers 60 days prior to renewal.