Service Contracts

Among the many entities regulated by the Division of Insurance are service contract providers. The Service Contract Provider Application must include a $1,000 registration fee and an initial $1,300 "Fund for Insurance Administration and Enforcement" assessment. Thereafter, an annual $1,000 renewal fee is due each year on the provider's anniversary, and an annual "Fund for Insurance Administration and Enforcement" assessment of $1,300 is due on or before March 1 of every year.

Additionally, if you are submitting service contracts for approval, $25 must be included for each service contract submitted, along with the Property & Casualty Transmittal Document (instructions available). A Property & Casualty Transmittal Document is only required for paper filings and not for electronic filings submitted through SERFF.

The Property and Casualty Section accepts both electronic and paper filings from approved service contract providers. We encourage companies to submit service contract filings through the System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing (SERFF). See Bulletin 10-010 for additional filing instructions.

Service Contracts Resources

Bulletin 08-010: Compliance with Regulation Concerning Emergency Repairs Under A Service Contract

Change of Address Form for Service Contract Providers

Service Contract Provider Application 

Service Contract Provider Application Renewal (Sample Only). This form is mailed by the Division to service contract providers 60 days prior to renewal.