Company License Annual Renewals

Renewal Packets and Letters of Intent due March 1st, must be submitted through finances@doi.nv.gov until further notice. 

Since 2018 the Division asked that any required filings (such as Jurat pages, letters of intent, annual statements, etc.) be uploaded to our Financial Filing Submission Portal  to ensure that the Division receives them in a timely and environmental-friendly manner. To see what filings are required for your company type, please refer to the checklists below. Please note that the Checklists below are for your reference only and are not required when submitting any filings and/or fees.  

Also, the following company types will be receiving their annual renewals based on the anniversary of their Registration Date: 

  •    Accredited Reinsurers                   
  •    Home Protection Insurers 
  •     Risk Purchasing Groups                                
  •    Foreign Risk Retention Groups 

In an effort to continue to improve the renewal process, renewal invoices will only be sent to companies via email. It is imperative that your company verifies that the Division has the correct contact information on file so that any email correspondence goes to the appropriate section/person within your company. To verify your contact information or to make any corrections, please go onto our website http://doi.nv.gov/insurers/ and use the Company Address Change Service. If you do not have your PIN for the DOI Portal, send an email to finances@doi.nv.gov and include your company name and NAIC or Company ID number. 

It is recommended that companies set their email system to always allow emails from the Division of Insurance domains (@doi.nv.gov and @di.nv.gov) to ensure receipt of updated information. If you have any questions, please contact the annual Renewal Desk at renewal.desk@doi.nv.gov

As of the 78th (2015) Legislative session, the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) Assessment Fee has been eliminated and the Division of Insurance will no longer be sending out invoices pertaining to the Assessment Fee.