Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I update contact information for the TPA?

 Please complete the Contact Information Form and return to the Division via email or mail.

How would a TPA request an extension for the annual report?

An extension request must be in writing, provide a reason for the request, specify a date by which the report will be submitted and must be granted before the due date.  The request may be an email, an email attachment or a letter. Please see Bulletin 18-006 for guidance regarding extensions.

What is a bond verification certificate?

A bond verification certificate is essentially a form letter signed by a surety that lists the surety name, bond number, amount, principal and obligee, and current period of coverage. It is not a copy of the bond or a copy of an invoice.

Is it necessary to submit a new parental guaranty each year with the annual report?

The language of the parental guaranty states the guaranty is continuous, so it is not necessary to complete a new form each year.

Can an initial application or renewal application for a TPA be submitted through NIPR?

At this time, applications and renewals for TPAs cannot be submitted through NIPR. Initial applications and Renewals may be submitted through www.sircon.com

Can I obtain a list of insurers who write workers’ compensation in Nevada?

List of Workers' Compensation insurers. Please note that the list generated by the look-up tool includes all insurers licensed to write workers’ compensation in Nevada; inclusion on the list does not mean that the insurer is currently writing workers’ comp policies. The list is updated daily.

Can I obtain a list of TPAs who administer workers’ compensation in Nevada?

TPAs must hold specific qualifications in order to administer various types of insurance. A TPA3-SF Employer/WC qualification allows a TPA to administer claims for a self-insured employer. A TPA4-Workers Compensation qualification allows a TPA to administer policies on behalf of an insurer. Use the TPA - Workers' Comp Qualifications lookup tool to select the type of workers’ compensation and generate a list of TPAs.

Can I look up whether a TPA is licensed to do business in Nevada?

To look up a specific TPA, use the Agency Search at Verify a License.To generate a list of TPAs, use the Third-Party Administrator by Qualifications tool. This can be sorted by qualification and status as well as downloaded as a CSV file.