Other Laws that May Apply to Bail Transactions

The laws that apply to bail transactions depend on the circumstances of each bail transaction.  While NRS 697.360 specifically identifies other statutes in the Insurance Code that apply to bail licensees, these listed statutes relate to provisions the Division is responsible for enforcing.  Just because something is not specifically identified under the bail laws does not mean that other provisions of law do not apply.  There are civil and criminal laws that apply to bail licensees that are not included in NRS chapter 697.  Consider these laws, which are outside of the Insurance Code, that apply depending on the circumstances of the bail transaction:   

  • Provisions of NRS title 7 may apply to a bail business, depending on how the business is set up.   
  • Provisions of NRS titles 8, 9, and 10 may apply to collateral security depending on the collateral and the terms under which collateral is accepted and handled.   
  • Provisions of NRS title 12 may apply to collateral security or claimed debts if a client has died.   
  • Provisions of federal, state, or local law may limit or impose restrictions on access to public or other properties, which would limit where a bail enforcement agent may go and whether a bail enforcement agent may be armed, or where a bail solicitor may solicit business.   

Bail licensees should ensure that their acts and agreements do not violate the other laws that may apply to them.  Bail licensees should consult with an attorney who can provide legal advice regarding these matters.