Renewal and Reapplication Procedures

Online Renewal Information

Renew on Sircon

A courtesy notice is e-mailed to the licensees email address of record approximately two months prior to the expiration date as a reminder that the license expiration date is approaching. It is the licensee’s responsibility to maintain current contact information, including a valid email address. 

Resident and nonresident electronic renewals must be submitted online through Sircon. The electronic renewal must be completed prior to the license expiration. Those individuals and business entities submitting online renewals through Sircon may print their renewed license online for free for 30 days following the online renewal submission. Online processing fees apply.

Most resident, individual licensees are subject to Nevada’s continuing education (CE) requirements. 

You may access Sircon for a list of approved CE courses. Licensees must maintain a copy o the certificate of completion for each course.  Upon completion of the CE course the CE provider will upload the completion into the licensees record.  CE transcripts which may be verified in Sircon.

Visit the license type page using the link on the left for specific CE requirements, and renewal information for your license type.