Consumer Services & Enforcement

The Consumer Services Section of the Nevada Division of Insurance protects Nevada consumers in their interactions with the insurance industry. The Section investigates consumer complaints and suspected violations of Title 57 of the Nevada Revised Statutes pertaining to insurance. These sections advocate for consumers by ensuring that carriers and producers act within the law and the provisions of the policy contract when dealing with Nevada citizens and businesses; from the legal marketing and sale of insurance products to fair claim handling. In addition, the Enforcement section investigates reports of industry fraud or misconduct in order to ensure that violations are prosecuted administratively, as well as through other criminal prosecution agencies.

Consumer Services & Enforcement recovers millions of dollars for Nevada consumers each year while ensuring that the insurance industry is regulated fairly.

Consumer Services & Enforcement is also responsible for providing the public with insurance information and assistance through educational materials and public outreach efforts.

We urge all consumers who are having trouble to try to resolve any problems with their insurance company or agent first. In the event that assistance is needed, or to report fraudulent activity within the industry, consumers can contact our local offices or file a formal complaint.