Instructional Resources-Lesson Plans

The instructional resources below have been set up as downloadable zip files.   The zip files include lesson plans, suggested resources, handouts and activities.  The lessons could be taught as stand-alone classes or as part of a 5-session unit.

The Basics (Downloadable File) 

Includes foundational information on how insurance works, risks, perils and criteria for choosing an insurer. 

Auto (Downloadable File)

Includes information on types of coverage, purchasing a policy, rating practices and discounts and an activity that reviews a sample auto policy.

Health (Downloadable File) 

Covers the Nevada health insurance market, obtaining coverage, and shopping tips as well as a practical activity to reinforce understanding of deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. 

COMING SOON! Home and Property

*For technical issues or questions regarding insurance education, please email insinfo@doi.nv.gov