Introduction to Insurance Education

The Nevada Division of Insurance is a state consumer protection agency responsible for overseeing the insurance industry within the state. The Division controls licensing of individuals and entities, ensures the financial solvency of insurers so they can pay claims, and provides information and support to Nevada consumers.

Insurance education is required by NRS 389.074(1(g), and insurance knowledge is a crucial component in protecting Nevadans from potential economic hardship due to exposures and risks they face in everyday life.

To support insurance education, the Division encourages educators to use the resources available on this website.  The Instructional Resources/Lesson Plans page includes lesson plans that cover the basics of insurance. These are available for free download and instructional use.  The lesson files include subject content as well as instructional activities.  The Division also publishes consumer guides for several lines of insurance that may be downloaded for use in classes or used as reference material. The guides include information on types of coverage, purchasing policies, underwriting, rating, discounts, policy comparisons as well as rate information for some product lines. 

Most insurance is regulated at the state level, which means requirements can change when people move between states; this is an important distinction when selecting resources for your classroom.   Home, auto and workers’ compensation insurance have state-specific requirements, while life insurance is relatively consistent between states.  Health insurance is regulated by both federal and state governments; Nevada has mandated coverages in addition to those required by the federal government.

For technical issues or questions regarding insurance education, please email insinfo@doi.nv.gov. 

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