How to Purchase Insurance for You and Your Family

Each year a period of "Open Enrollment" exists for health insurance purchases through the Nevada Health Link. That open enrollment period begins on November 1st and ends on January 15th and allows for you and your family to look at plan options for the coming calendar year. In addition to this annual enrollment period there are opportunities for special enrollment when you meet the requirements (examples include job loss, marriage, new Nevada residence, etc.). Nevada uniquely also allows for off-exchange enrollment at the conclusion of a 90-day waiting period.

Nevada Health Link, through healthcare.gov will allow you to get quotes from multiple carriers. You will be able to compare multiple plans at the same time, getting quotes and subsidy information as your make your health care purchase decision.

Nevada Health Link, through healthcare.gov is the only way to receive subsidies for your health insurance or to enroll in Medicaid.

You are not required to purchase insurance through Nevada Health Link unless you wish to receive a subsidy to help lower the price of your health insurance. You may wish to maintain the expertise and relationships that already exists with your licensed agent or insurer and continue to utilize their services in the selection of health insurance for you and your family. You may also purchase insurance through Nevada Health Link with the assistance of your licensed agent or broker.

Navigators and others professionals will be employed by Nevada Health Link to provide guidance and assistance in the selection and purchase of health insurance. Since they are compensated by Nevada Health Link and not by an insurance company, they will be able to offer objective guidance on plan selection. They will be certified by the Nevada Division of Insurance which will indicate that they have met the minimum competency requirements to perform these tasks.

Remember, always verify with the Nevada Division of Insurance that the person or company you are working with is licensed, certified or authorized to conduct business in this state. You can do this using the Division’s License Look Up Tool or you can contact the Division in Northern Nevada at (775) 687-0700 and in Southern Nevada at (702) 486-4009.