Company Appointments

Insurer appointments are required by NRS 683A.321 for individual and business entity producers acting in this state. Additionally, Managing General Agents, Bail Agents, General Agents for Bail, Title Agents, Escrow Officers also require appointment by the insurer they are representing. Pursuant to NRS 680B, the fee for appointment is $15.

Company appointments/terminations are done electronically by the insurer through Sircon. Be sure to use the Nevada license number to properly identify the appointed licensee.

Licenses whose issuance is contingent on an appointment may attach a completed Appointment form to your application.


Please be aware that the Division is currently updating appointment types to more accurately reflect the current regulatory structure. In the coming months, the “old” appointment types will convert to the “new” types indicated below. This is simply a data conversion and will not impact the status of the license or appointment.

Going forward, please be sure to appoint for the new type. The company is responsible for communicating with their agents as to the types of policies those agents can sell.

License Type     Old Appointment Type      New Appointment Type
Bail Agent Surety Bail Agent
General Agent for Bail Surety General Agent for Bail
Producer Surety Casualty
Producer Marine Transportation Casualty
Producer Fraternal Health  Health
Producer Fraternal Life Life
Producer Fraternal Variable Annuity Variable Annuities/Variable Life 

Termination for Cause

Termination for Cause (TFC) activity is described in NRS 683A.451. TFC requires supporting documentation outlining the circumstances of the event including, dates, location, basis of the charge and supporting documentation including copies of any police report(s), if such a report was made. The Notice of Termination must be submitted along with such documentation as is outlined above.

Appointment Renewals

The Nevada Division of Insurance (Division) requires an insurer to annually renew each appointment of a producer of insurance who acts as his or her agent. This document  provides more information regarding annual appointment renewals.