AUGUST 17, 2018 - Division of Insurance Receives Association Health Plan Filing for Chamber of Commerce

Contact: Yeraldin Deavila, Public Information Officer
Phone: (775) 687-0772
E-mail: ydeavila@doi.nv.gov


Division of Insurance receives Association Health Plan Filing for Chamber of Commerce

CARSON CITY, NV – After the Department of Labor issued the final rule on Association Health Plans in June, the Nevada Division of Insurance has received the first fully-insured Association Health Plan (AHP) filing for the Henderson, Boulder City and Latin Chambers of Commerce in Nevada.

This AHP is designed for interested Nevada small businesses and will become effective September 1, 2018.

“This is exciting news for Nevada, because it provides additional insurance options for Nevadans which may fit their personal needs and the needs of their families,” said Insurance Commissioner Barbara Richardson. “Not only does it comply with Nevada’s health insurance market requirements but it also creates a more competitive small group market.”

The Division will post information on any additional AHPs submitted to the Division on its website for interested consumers to review. Consumers are encouraged to review these filings because unless an AHP is on the website under “Small Employer Options” at http://doi.nv.gov/Health_Insurance_Rates/Small_Employer_Options/, it may not be an authorized product reviewed by the Division. The products marketed by a health insurance carrier through an AHP are subject to all state and federal requirements applicable to large employer health plans.

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