Earthquake Insurance

After Alaska and California, Nevada ranks third in the country for major earthquakes – those of magnitude 5.0 or higher. These earthquakes can cause a great deal of damage that won’t be covered under your homeowners, renters or condominium insurance policy.

You can protect yourself from substantial financial burdens in rebuilding or repairing your home by purchasing earthquake insurance. The Division of Insurance publication, the Nevada Consumer's Guide to Earthquake Insurance, contains valuable information about the availability and affordability of earthquake insurance. This consumer guide explains what is and is not typically covered under an earthquake insurance policy. The consumer guide also contains tips on safety as well as what to do before and after an earthquake.

Consumers are urged to contact their homeowner’s insurance agent or insurance company to inquire about earthquake insurance. Policies vary, so consumers should ask their insurance agent or insurance company to fully explain the earthquake insurance policy’s coverage and exclusions.
Read the Nevada Consumer's Guide to Earthquake Insurance.

To learn more about dangers of earthquakes, visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s website. For more information about earthquakes in Nevada visit the University of Nevada’s Seismological Laboratory’s website.