Other types of pet insurance

A pet life insurance policy covers end-of-life costs for your animal. This can include burial or cremation expenses and even bereavement counseling for you and your family.

Pet theft insurance is another type of coverage designed to ensure the lives of highly valuable animals and is typically purchased by zoos or by the owners of championship cats, dogs, horses, and police dogs. The policy reimburses owners of stolen animals and pays a death benefit if an animal dies during transport or other covered events.

Pet injury coverage may be part of your auto insurance policy. It covers the treatment of a pet injured in a car accident up to a set limit. Check with your insurance agent or company to determine if your auto policy includes coverage for a pet traveling in your car.

Homeowners’ and renters’ policies can sometimes assist with covering pet-related expenses on your property. If pets are harmed at home when owners are following the laws of their jurisdiction (such as leash laws), offending parties may be liable for your pets' medical bills. Additionally, arrangements such as boarding may be covered for pets when a homeowner incurs additional living expenses while the home is being repaired for a covered loss. However, homeowners need to know whether their animal is excluded by their insurance carrier due to aggressive history. There may be an option for additional or specific liability coverage to cover these risks.

Your current homeowners’ insurance policy may offer some liability protections that encompass pets. For example, if your dog bites someone and causes an injury, and you are sued, your homeowners' or renters’ insurance policies provide liability protection to defend you in court. Be aware that most policies will exclude any dog with a history of biting and aggressive behavior. In addition, many homeowner associations restrict some breeds that are typically thought to be dangerous—and a growing number of communities require owners of these dog breeds to carry additional liability coverage.