Public Records Requests (PRRs)

The Division of Insurance collects, generates, and maintains various records related to the business of insurance pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes (“NRS”) Title 57.  The Division is committed to providing access to public records in accordance with the Nevada Public Records Act, NRS Chapter 239.  All public records, which have not been declared by law to be confidential, for which the Division has legal custody and control, are available for inspection or copying.  NRS 239.010.  Personal identifying information or other confidential or privileged information is redacted.  NRS 239.010; 603.040; 239B.030, -.040. 

Although oral requests are permitted by law, written requests are easier to track and ensure records produced are what were requested.  NRS 239.0107.1. The Division strongly encourages the public to use the Division's Request Form to request access to or copies of public records. Even though the request form is not required for your public records request, it will expedite processing because it contains the information essential to the Division’s processing your request.  NRS 239.008.4.

All requests should be made through the Division’s Records Official:

Nevada Division of Insurance
1818 E. College Pkwy., Suite 103
Carson City, NV 89706

Tips for submitting PRRs

  • Be specific. Identify the content you seek by using dates, date ranges, names, types of records, or keywords. If necessary, the Division may ask you for clarification of the public records you seek.
  • Include your contact information, such as phone number, e-mail address, and mailing address. 

What to expect when submitting PRRs

The Division will produce public records that specifically fall within the request so that you are not charged for more than what you have requested.  If your request is broad or if the Division is uncertain about what you are requesting, the Division may contact you for clarification. If the Division requests clarification, but no response is received within 30 days, the Division will close the request providing you with written notice.  Once closed, a new request will have to be made.

The Division will produce public records responsive to your request by the end of the fifth business day after your request is received by the Division if the records are readily available and require no review for confidential or privileged information. The Division makes every attempt to respond to public records requests as quickly as possible.  However, the Division may need additional time to respond to public records requests depending on the volume of requests, location of records, and staff availability. If the Division needs additional time to respond to your request, the Division will provide you with written notice of that fact, and the date and time the Division expects to make the public records available. 

The Division charges the costs to produce public records pursuant to the Division’s Fee Schedule.  NRS 239.052–.055.  If costs are anticipated to exceed $25, the Division will provide the requester written notice of the anticipated cost in advance along with an invoice.  The Division must receive the requested deposit before the Division will begin processing the request.  If the Division does not receive the deposit within 30 days, the Division will close the request. 

Once records are made available, if they are not retrieved by the requester within 30 days, they will be destroyed, and a new records request will have to be submitted.

Division staff is not authorized to provide legal advice.  NRS 7.285.  Therefore, Division staff cannot advise you as to which public records may meet your needs or the legal authority relative to the public records you seek.  Nevada Revised Statutes are available online at http://leg.state.nv.us/Law1.cfm, or you may consult a Nevada-licensed attorney.

Fees schedule for copies of public records

You will be charged for your public records request if the Division produces public records responsive to your request resulting in more than one hour of staff’s time to produce a request, or produces a privilege log identifying records responsive to your request that cannot be produced.  Fees for public records consist of the actual costs incurred by the Division for responding to a records request, such as copy fees, as well as other fees if applicable.

As authorized by NRS 239.052.4, the following fees apply to all requests to the Division for public records.  All requests for public records, which results in actual costs to the Division in order to respond, will incur fees as set by the Division's Fee Schedule.