Commissioner’s Advisory Committees

Nevada’s insurance industry is constantly facing changes.  Those changes arise from industry innovation, external forces, environmental impact, legislative revisions and many other sources.  Regardless the motivating force behind industry changes, the Division of Insurance retains a responsibility to protect Nevada’s consumer in the face of past, current and future changes to the Nevada insurance market.

Chapter 679B.160 of the Nevada Revised Statutes (“NRS”) allows the Commissioner to create advisory councils and committees to assist the Commissioner in dealing with regulatory problems.

There are currently four active committees meeting on a scheduled basis to help chart the course of the Insurance Division’s future policies.  Those current committees include:

Each committee is typically composed of knowledgeable representatives from industry, consumer representative, the public and other relevant organizations who usually serve for a term of two years. Meetings are public and agendas are noticed on the Division website. Committee members and meeting attendees have the opportunity to provide information and feedback to the Commissioner and staff on proposed legislation, regulations, bulletins and other material relating to the meeting.