Required Industry Reports

The following list of Property and Casualty required industry reports is provided by the Department of Business and Industry, Division of Insurance. The list is not all-inclusive. It is the responsibility of each insurance company and applicable entity to know Nevada’s laws, regulations and bulletins as they pertain to an individual company license. It is also the responsibility of each insurer and applicable entity to adhere to reporting laws, regulations and bulletins that become effective after this list has been distributed. For more information, please contact the Property and Casualty section at (775) 687-0773, or at pcinsinfo@doi.nv.gov.

NAC 690B.320 - Casualty Insurance
Report Name: Report contract of insurance for a motor vehicle liability policy
Due Date: 15th day of each month (reporting change effective 2/2010, See SB 312 (2009))
Special Instructions: Report to Department of Motor Vehicles as set forth in NRS 485.313 to 485.318

NRS 690B.250 - Medical Malpractice 
Report Name: Closed-Claims Report with indemnity payments of more than $5,000
Due Date: Within 45 days of settlement or award
Special Instructions: Report to Applicable Licensing Board

NAC 686B.361
NRS 679B.400 - .460 - Rates and Essential Insurance
Report Name: Statistical Report: Reporting to statistical agents
Due Date: See Special Instructions
Special Instructions: Report to Fast Track - 45 days after year end. Also, see NAC 686B.365 to 686B.380.

NRS 686B.1773 - Rates and Essential Insurance
Report Name: Industrial Insurance
Due Date: Contact NCCI
Special Instructions: Report to NCCI. Experience for policies of industrial insurance. Applies to all private carriers of industrial insurance.

Repeal of Medical Professional Liability Closed-Claim Reporting Requirements to the Nevada Division of Insurance

Senate Bill 86 of the 2019 Legislative Session has repealed the medical professional liability insurance closed-claim reporting requirements previously contained in NRS 690B.260 and NRS 690B.340. Closed-claim reporting to the Nevada Division of Insurance is no longer required. However, for insurers covering the liability of a practitioner licensed pursuant to NRS chapters 630 to 640, inclusive, there remains a requirement, pursuant to NRS 690B.250, to report to the board that licensed the practitioner any claim for a breach of the practitioner's professional duty toward a patient. This report shall be made within 45 days of each settlement or award made, or judgment rendered by reason of a claim, if the settlement, award, or judgment is for more than $5,000. The insurer must report the names of the claimant and the practitioner and the circumstances of the case. Such a report must be submitted directly to the medical board that licensed the practitioner, and not to the Division of Insurance.