Annual Data Call for Credit Life, Credit Accident & Health and Credit Involuntary Unemployment Insurance

Pursuant to NAC 690A.175, insurers providing consumer credit insurance in the state of Nevada are required to report experience data annually to the Commissioner on the prescribed forms which are available below. The Commissioner will use this data to determine annually whether the Prima Facie rates for credit life insurance, credit accident and health insurance and credit unemployment insurance set forth in NAC 690A.105 to 690A.155, inclusive, are reasonable in relation to the benefits provided. The Commissioner may, at his discretion, request supplemental information to assist in the determination of the appropriateness of the Prima Facie rates.

Consumer Credit Experience Forms

The completed spreadsheet forms should be sent to the Division no later than June 30th using the SERFF system. Please use TOI “Required Industry Reports – Credit” and the Sub-TOI “Annual Report of Experience Data – Due June 30th”.