Exchange Enrollment Facilitator  

Requirements to Become Certified as an Exchange Enrollment Facilitator

To apply to become certified as an Exchange Enrollment Facilitator, complete the following steps:

Before sitting for an examination or applying for a certificate, complete the 20 hours of required pre-licensing education offered by A.D. Banker.  Pre-licensing education must be completed within one year preceding applying for a certification.

Within one year before applying for a certification, pass the required examination.  Register for the Exchange Enrollment Facilitator exam offered by Pearson VUE

Resident applicants must be fingerprinted for a criminal history background check by an approved vendor. After applying for a license, upload to the application the Fingerprint Background Waiver, the fingerprint confirmation receipt showing the Transaction Control Number (TCN), and any other required supporting documentation (such as charging and resolution documents for any criminal history). The Fingerprint Background Waiver gives the Division legal authority to review your background report. Without the background waiver, your application cannot be fully reviewed or approved. To complete the background waiver, enter “Nevada Division of Insurance” in paragraphs 1 and 9, initial and date the bottom of page 1, and enter your name, date and signature on the bottom of page 2. Leave all of the agency information blank. Here is a sample background waiver. 

Apply for a certificate on Sircon.com. (NOTE: Exchange Enrollment Facilitator certificate applications can only be completed on Sircon.com, not through NIPR.) The application fee is $185. 

Once the certification has been issued, enroll into the required Silver State Exchange course. When the additional requirements of the Exchange are met, the individual will be appointed by the Exchange.  Appointment from the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange must be completed within 30 days of certification issuance.

For information on the requirements of the Exchange, contact the Exchange at:

Silver State Health Insurance Exchange

Renewal of Certificate

An Exchange Enrollment Facilitator certificate is valid for three years and expires on the last day of the month three years after issuance. Before a certificate can be renewed, licensees must complete 30 hours of continuing education, three of which must be in ethics. Certificates must be renewed on Sircon.com, and the renewal fee is $185. If the certificate is not renewed by the expiration date, a late fee will be applied, and the licensee will be able to pay the renewal fee plus the late fee for 30 days after the expiration date. If the certificate has not been renewed by 30 days after the expiration date, the certificate must be reinstated for a fee of $435 once the continuing education requirements have been fulfilled. Certificates can be reinstated for 365 days after the expiration date.