Exchange Enrollment Facilitator  

Requirements to Become Certified as an Exchange Enrollment Facilitator

To apply to become certified as an Exchange Enrollment Facilitator, complete the following steps:

Before sitting for an examination or applying for a license, complete the 20 hours of required prelicensing education offered by A.D. Banker.  Prelicensing education must be completed within one year preceding applying for a certification.

Within one year before applying for a certification, pass the required examination.  Register for the Exchange Enrollment Facilitator exam offered by Pearson VUE

Make an appointment to be fingerprinted and submit the Fingerprint Waiver Form and fingerprint receipt to the Division.  Fingerprints are valid for 6 months prior to submitting the application.  Information about being fingerprinted is available in the Candidate Handbook published by Pearson VUE

Applications must be completed and mailed to the Division.  Use the Uniform Application, marking ‘Other’ as the license type and insert 'Exchange Enrollment Facilitator' in the space provided.

Include with the application the certification fee in the amount of $185.00. 

Once the certification has been issued, enroll into the required Silver State Exchange course. When the additional requirements of the Exchange are met, the individual will be appointed by the Exchange.  Appointment from the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange must be completed within 30 days of certification issuance.

For information on the requirements of the Exchange, contact the Exchange at:

Silver State Health Insurance Exchange