Viatical Settlement Broker or Provider

Viatical/Life Settlement Brokers and Providers are required to submit an annual report by March 1st of every year which describes any business that has been conducted during the prior calendar year.  This report is required even if no business has been conducted.  For a detailed list of what must be included in the annual report, please see:

Viatical Settlement Brokers – NAC 688C.230

Viatical Settlement Providers – NAC 688C.220

Annual reports must be filed through SERFF and have the correct TOI / Sub-TOI or they will be disapproved. Please contact productcompliance@doi.nv.gov for more information on submitting annual reports. Please note that we will no longer be sending e-mail reminders for the required industry reports as of January 1, 2023.



A person who on behalf of a viator and for a fee, commission or other valuable consideration offers or attempts to negotiate a viatical settlement between the viator and one or more providers of viatical settlements. The term does not include an attorney at law; certified public accountant or financial planner accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency who is retained by the viator and whose compensation is not paid by a provider or purchaser of viatical settlements.


A person other than a viator who enters into or effectuates a viatical settlement. The term does not include a bank, savings and loan association, thrift company, credit union or other licensed lender that takes an assignment of a policy as security for a loan; the issuer of a policy that provides accelerated benefits pursuant to the contract; an authorized or eligible insurer that provides stop-loss coverage to a provider or purchaser of viatical settlements; a natural person who enters into no more that one agreement in a calendar year for the transfer of policies for a value less than the expected death benefit; a financing agent; a special organization; a trust for a related provider; or a purchaser of viatical settlements.

Registration for Life Producer to Operate as a Broker of Viatical Settlements

A natural person who has been licensed for at least one year and who is in good standing as a resident or nonresident producer of insurance with a life insurance qualification is not required to be licensed as an investment agent or a broker of viatical settlements, but must register to operate as such.