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Bail Licensing

In order to transact the commercial business of bail in Nevada, a person must have a license.  In order to get a license, a person must apply and qualify for the license.  There are four different types of bail licenses in Nevada, and each license type plays a particular role in a bail transaction. The requirements and qualifications for each license type are set in Nevada law. 

Bail License Types & Duties

There are four different types of bail licenses in Nevada, and each license has a very specific role in a bail transaction:

Bail Agent/Bail Agency:  This licensee is authorized to post bail bonds on behalf of a surety.  Duties consist of determining the risk of the defendant and whether to post a bond, whether the defendant has violated one of the court’s terms of release, and whether the defendant has failed to appear in court. 

Bail Solicitor:  A person employed by a bail agent to solicit bail transactions on behalf of the bail agent. 

Bail Enforcement Agent/Bail Enforcement Agency:  This licensee is contracted or employed to enforce the terms of a person’s release from custody or to locate the person or apprehend or surrender the person to custody. 

General Agent/General Agency: This licensee is appointed by a surety to supervise or manage the bail bond business written by bail agents. 

A person must apply for the type of license that allows them to do what it is he or she wants to do in the business of bail.  For more information about qualifying for a license, application information, and frequently asked questions about bail licensing, click on the links above or on the left. 

Bail License Qualifications & Fees

Before issuing a license, the Commissioner of Insurance must ensure that the person is qualified to have the license.  The qualifications are set out in Nevada law.  Click on the license types above or on the left to see what qualifications are required for that license type.


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