Bail Solicitor

Qualifications & Fees:  Bail Solicitor

A Bail Solicitor is any qualified individual who is employed by a Bail Agent to solicit bail transactions on behalf of the Bail Agent.


  • Must be a resident of Nevada for at least three months
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be an employee of a licensed Bail Agency
  • Complete a Nevada State Bail Pre-Licensing Course (6 hours)
  • Pass Nevada State Bail Exam – through Pearson Vue
  • Affiliate with licensed Bail Agency

Initial Application Required Documents: 

  • Complete Bail Residency Questionnaire – Residency Verification
  • Copy of Nevada State Driver License
  • Electronic Fingerprint Receipt – Pearson Vue
  • Completed Fingerprint Background Waiver
  • Local Law Enforcement Printout / Scope Report
  • Proof of Residency:  Three months Utility Bills – electricity, gas, trash, water or sewer

** All required documents must be uploaded and attached to your online application in    SIRCON.

Bond Requirement:

Each applicant for a Bail Solicitor license must file a $10,000 Surety License Bond   naming the People of the State of Nevada as obligee, and must also provide a Power of Attorney. These must remain in force while licensed as a Bail Solicitor. The original Bond must be mailed into the Division’s Carson City office to complete the application.

Helpful Checklist of Required Documents for Bail Solicitors  

How To Apply:

  • Submit Online Application via SIRCON  


Application fee $235