Bail Solicitor

Qualifications & Fees:  Bail Solicitor

A Bail Solicitor is any qualified individual who is employed by a Bail Agent to solicit bail transactions on behalf of the Bail Agent.


  • Must be a resident of Nevada for at least three months
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be an employee of a licensed Bail Agency
  • Complete a Nevada State Bail Pre-Licensing Course (6 hours)
  • Pass Nevada State Bail Exam – through Pearson Vue
  • Affiliate with licensed Bail Agency

Initial Application Required Documents: 

  • Complete Bail Residency Questionnaire – Residency Verification
  • Copy of Nevada State Driver License 
  • Completed Fingerprint Background Waiver. The Fingerprint Background Waiver gives the Division legal authority to review your background report. Without the background waiver, your application cannot be fully reviewed or approved. To complete the background waiver, enter “Nevada Division of Insurance” in paragraphs 1 and 9, initial and date the bottom of page 1, and enter your name, date and signature on the bottom of page 2. Leave all of the agency information blank. Here is a sample background waiver
  • Fingerprint confirmation receipt showing the Transaction Control Number (TCN)
  • Local Law Enforcement Printout / Scope Report

              * This is a letter from your county-of-residence law enforcement agency which
                 indicates you have not been convicted of a felony; offenses of moral turpitude;
                 or the unlawful use, sale or possession of a controlled substance         

  • Proof of Residency:  Three months Utility Bills – electricity, gas, trash, water or sewer

** All required documents must be uploaded and attached to your online application in    SIRCON.

Bond Requirement:

Each applicant for a Bail Solicitor license must file a $10,000 Surety License Bond   naming the People of the State of Nevada as obligee, and must also provide a Power of Attorney. These must remain in force while licensed as a Bail Solicitor. The original Bond must be mailed into the Division’s Carson City office to complete the application.

Helpful Checklist of Required Documents for Bail Solicitors  

How To Apply:

  • Submit Online Application via SIRCON  


Application fee $235