Cemetery Seller 

Contact the Division for additional information and an application packet at  (775) 687-0700, option 2.   

The application must be mailed to the Division and must be tabbed and referenced as indicated in the application packet.  


  • CHECK LIST - Must be incorporated into application packet
  • APPLICATIONS - Application for a certificate of authority for cemetery seller’s permit and the licensing application for associated individual cemetery agents.
  • FINGERPRINTS – If the proposed seller, or the appropriate corporate officer of the seller, is a resident of this state, the applicant must be fingerprinted for a criminal history background check by an approved vendor. After applying for a license, upload to the application the Fingerprint Background Waiver, the fingerprint confirmation receipt showing the Transaction Control Number (TCN), and any other required supporting documentation (such as charging and resolution documents for any criminal history). The Fingerprint Background Waiver gives the Division legal authority to review the background report. Without the background waiver, the application cannot be fully reviewed or approved. To complete the background waiver, enter “Nevada Division of Insurance” in paragraphs 1 and 9, initial and date the bottom of page 1, and enter applicant name, date and signature on the bottom of page 2. Leave all of the agency information blank. Here is a sample background waiver.
  • BOND - Sample bond