Producer Business Entities 

Uniform Application for Business Entity

Business entities should apply electronically through Sircon. Electronic transaction fees may apply.

Designated Responsible Licensed Producer

A business entity must designate at least one individual through Sircon for each line of authority held. This individual, known as the designated responsible licensed producer (DRLP), is responsible for the business' compliance with Nevada law. The association fee is $50 for each DRLP, plus online processing fees.

Appointment Requirements

Nevada law requires each producer, both individuals and business entities, be appointed by an insurance company. Please see the Appointment page for more information.


The licensing fee is $185, plus $50 for each DRLP.     The fee is $50 to add a line of authority to an existing license. Fees are payable through Sircon (service charges may apply.)

License Verification:

Nonresident applicants must be actively licensed in their Home State for the same lines of authority and/or license type applied for in Nevada. The Nevada Division of Insurance will verify the information through the National State Producer Licensing Database. The cancellation of a home state license will result in the cancellation of a nonresident license issued in this state.


Contact the Division's Licensing Section in Carson City at (775) 687-0700, option 2.