Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I update contact information for the TPA?

 Written notification should be sent to tpamail@doi.nv.gov within 30 days of the change. 

How would a TPA request an extension for the annual report?

An extension request must be in writing, provide a reason for the request, specify a date by which the report will be submitted and must be granted before the due date.  The request may be an email, an email attachment or a letter. Please see Bulletin 18-006 for guidance regarding extensions.

What is a bond verification certificate?

A bond verification certificate is essentially a form letter signed by a surety that lists the surety name, bond number, amount, principal and obligee, and current period of coverage. It is not a copy of the bond or a copy of an invoice.

Is it necessary to submit a new parental guaranty each year with the annual report?

The required template for a parental guaranty has changed as of 2020. The updated parental guaranty is required for any filings that provide audited parents financials, and you will need to provide the revised parental guaranty. Please see the Forms page for the most current template. 

Can an initial application or renewal application for a TPA be submitted through NIPR?

No, applications and renewals for TPAs cannot be submitted through NIPR. Initial applications and renewals must be submitted through www.sircon.com/nevada.

Can I obtain a list of insurers who write workers’ compensation in Nevada?

Please see the list of Workers' Compensation insurers. Please note that the list generated by the look-up tool includes all insurers licensed to write workers’ compensation in Nevada; inclusion on the list does not mean that the insurer is currently writing workers’ comp policies. The list is updated daily.

Can I obtain a list of TPAs who administer workers’ compensation in Nevada?

TPAs must hold specific qualifications in order to administer various types of insurance. A TPA3-SF Employer/WC qualification allows a TPA to administer claims for a self-insured employer. A TPA4-Workers Compensation qualification allows a TPA to administer policies on behalf of an insurer. Use the TPA - Workers' Comp Qualifications lookup tool to select the type of workers’ compensation and generate a list of TPAs.

Can I look up whether a TPA is licensed to do business in Nevada?

To look up a specific TPA, use the Agency Search at Verify a License.To generate a list of TPAs, use the Third-Party Administrator by Qualifications tool. This can be sorted by qualification and status as well as downloaded as a CSV file.  

How do I set up third-party access for payroll, UI, W2 reports, etc?

These are filings for the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR), not the Division of Insurance. Review the information on DETR’s website at https://detr.nv.gov/uimodernization. Contact DETR directly at the information in the link.

A third-party administrator for insurance is defined in NRS 683A.025 and requires a certificate pursuant to NRS 683A.08524 and NRS 683A.08522.