Third-Party Administrator (TPA) Application Instructions

The Nevada Division of Insurance (Division) has provided the TPA Application Checklist and Instructions that must be incorporated into an electronic application. The TPA application must be submitted through Sircon at www.sircon.com/nevada. All documents must be identified and organized according to the Checklist.

The file size limit for uploading to Sircon is 10MB per document. Documents larger than 10MB will need to be separated into smaller files and labeled accordingly to allow upload to Sircon. DO NOT mail hardcopies to the Division.


The application fee for a TPA Certificate of Registration is $185. Fees are payable through Sircon at www.sircon.com/nevada. Fees are nonrefundable.


Please click on the links below to navigate the TPA website, or you may also use the links on the left menu.

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Mandatory Reporting
Voluntary Surrender